Valentines day ideas

I saw on the calendar the other day that Valentines day is next month. Ha! I always wait until the very last minute to try and plan anything. If anything at all. But, I really would like to get much better at giving my husband romantic experiences.

If your husband is anything like mine then you understand how hard it is to try and plan anything. Anything he wants, he just buys for himself. And he hates surprises… So… Im limited.

Here are some fun ideas I came up with!

1. North High Brewery


North High Brewery is such a cool idea for a date night with your man. Especially if you love beer like us. You get to go into the microbrewery and create your own beer for the day! You can even come up with cool new flavors if you give them enough notice. Even better, THEY clean up the mess! And every lady out there sighed with excitement.

2. White Castle….


Okay, maybe this one isn’t as serious! I just kind of laughed my butt off when I heard White Castle takes reservations for Valentines dinner. Maybe for the couple with a serious sense of humor?

3.  Couples Massage!

There is nothing more relaxing than walking into a warm, dimly lit room with your lover and enjoying a relaxing massage.

4. I have a secret…

I love wine.

Okay, maybe its not so much a secret as much as it is a confession. Wine tasting is a great way to get things heated up! Some of my favorite wine spots around Columbus are Vino Vino, Marcella’s, and Spagio Cellars. Maybe get a car from Uber and go try wine from each restaurant!

Two Glasses of Red Wine Abstract Heart Splash


5. Pizza making night

Maybe this Valentines day fighting crowds and going out into bad weather doesn’t sound like your idea of fun. So what about staying home, putting on your sexiest (or comfiest IMO), pour yourselves a glass of wine and cut your pepperonis into little hearts and make your own personal pizzas! Top the night off with a classic romance and candle light snuggles.