IVY Bridal Studio: What’s Behind The Name

If you were one of our very first customers, you probably knew us as a store with a completely different name.  While we truly loved that name, we just felt like something was missing.  We were blending in with the crowd, and as we continue to grow we realize that we’re different.  So why not have a name that reflects that?  In a world of “white” we felt like it was important for us to stand out.  We want you to remember us, to tell your friends about us, and when you talk about us, we want everyone to know exactly what and who you’re talking about. It definitely wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s a change we couldn’t be more excited about.

So how did we come up with “IVY bridal studio?”  It wasn’t easy!  I’m sure my sisters were annoyed by me bouncing every single idea that came into my head off of them.  But when I came across IVY, I instantly loved it.  It just sounds pretty, doesn’t it?  But not only that, it’s also a word with deep historic meaning.  “Ivy deals with connections and friendships because of its prosperity to interweave in growth.  It’s an example of the twists and turns our friendships take – but also a testimony to the long lasting connections and bonds we form that last over the years.  Another tribute is ivy’s ability to grow in challenging environments.”  It is symbolic of one’s ability to stick by someone else, no matter what. (http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-meaning-ivy.html)

Just like the ivy plant, IVY (the store) will continue to grow and interweave many long lasting connections and relationships with our designers, our fellow wedding vendors, and most importantly our brides.

We are very excited about the new name and we hope you love it as much as we do.  Come check us out and see what it’s like to be an “IVY bride!”


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