Ivy Bridal Girls get Thankful!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, us girls thought it would be a fantastic idea to list the top 10 things we are thankful for! With some being sentimental, some being hilarious, and a few that scream “can I get an amen!”, we’re sure you’re going to love reading them.

We encourage you to list your own as well! Comment below or update your status on Facebook with your list! Even if its only 5 things rather than 10, its a great practice to reflect on the things you’re most thankful for! 🙂

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Without further adieu:

Jackie, what are you thankful for?

1. My job. I’ve wanted to be in the bridal industry since high school, and I never thought it would even be a possibility to own my own boutique. I’m thankful every day that I had the opportunity to make my vision a reality, and it’s even more rewarding than I ever anticipated.
2. My husband. He has supported me through the entire process of opening my business and helps with anything and everything (besides the fittings!). He is my trash man, my light bulb changer, and he offers the best encouragement when I’m doubting myself.
Ivy Bridal Studio | Columbus, OHIO
3. My sisters. I seriously don’t know where I would be without them.
4. My dad. He’s the smartest and most kind person I have ever met. He also gives incredible business advice!
Ivy Bridal Studio | Columbus, OHIO
5. My ladies (aka my dogs), Girlfriend and Puppy. Girlfriend has been my best friend for 10 years and has been by my side through everything.  Puppy was born completely deaf and partially blind (due to irresponsible breeding) and was going to be put down because of her “disabilities.”  She has no idea that anything is wrong with her and has so much love to give in her little body.  And she has more personality than any dog I’ve ever met. She makes me laugh every day.
Ivy Bridal Studio | Columbus, OHIO
6. My nieces, Miss Marin and LIttle Baby Evy. They have added so much to our family and I can’t imagine life without them.
7. Rachel Jacobus.  For those of you who have yet to meet her…she’s our new team member.  She has done so much for IVY and I’m so excited to continue to grow this business with her.
8. IVY brides! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love so much.  It’s such an honor to be a part of such an important day in your lives.  I’m proud to say that not only are you clients, but many of you have become friends.
9. Wine.  Somedays more than others. 🙂
10. Italian food. I could eat it every day.

And here is my (Rachel) top 10 list! 🙂

1. MY HUSBAND! My hubs is one of the biggest hearted, kindest, most patient person on this planet. Im super lucky and blessed to have been mated up with him forever.
Ivy Bridal Studio | Columbus, OHIO
2. BRACES. Im serious people. You should have seen these crooked teeth…like, so bad that I wouldn’t need a Halloween mask.  Thanks mom and dad for making my smile pretty!
3.  MY SMALL HOUSE. I absolutely love that it takes me literally 20 minutes to clean the whole place top to bottom. I also love how close my husband and I get to be to one another. No basement, one TV, there is a lot of great time spent together.
4. SPARKLES!!! I mean, what would a world look like without the glimmer, shimmer and shine of glitz?!
5. MY CHURCH friends and family! This is a big one for me! We found our church at the most perfect time in our lives. We instantly became best friends with the small group we joined and now I couldn’t imagine life without these people!!
Ivy Bridal Studio | Columbus, OHIO
6. BAD WEATHER! Some rain, a good book, a warm cushioned couch and a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds like Heaven to me!
7. JACKIE: Im so glad I found a place where I can passionately serve other people, work with someone who shares my humor, and be surrounded by the most beautiful gowns know to man! Becoming a team member at Ivy Bridal Studio has been one of the best things to happen to me in 2014!!
8. SUGAR: I know it has a reputation that are along the same lines as legalized drugs, but I love the stuff. It makes me happy. Especially when its wrapped up in a warm delicious, deep fried piece of dough. Just sayin’!
9. THE GYM: To work off said sugar addiction.
10. FAMILY: I pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to my family. My husband comes from a large family, that then comes from an even larger family. I have great sisters, nieces and nephews, and parents that love me to the moon and back. I couldn’t have asked to be placed in a better point in time than Im in right now.