How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Big Day

Perfect, glowing skin.  Every bride wants it.  But unfortunately it’s not so easy to get.  We all know the tips and tricks our mom used to tell us: never go to bed with makeup on, don’t touch your face with greasy hands, use cucumber slices to de-puff your eyes.  But sometimes it’s just not enough.  Enter Olivia Kohstall with Ohio Facial Plastics.


I have to tell you, Olivia is one of the NICEST people around.  She’s so much fun and totally relatable.  In fact, she just got married a couple of years ago herself, so she knows exactly what you’re going through.  I promise you’re in good hands.

I was introduced to Ohio Facial Plastics by good friend (and insanely talented make-up artist) Kelli Ramey with Beautimarked by Kelli.  Brides, if you need a makeup artist for your wedding…check her out…you won’t be disappointed.  Olivia and I sat down together to discuss what my problems were and what I wanted to achieve.  Together we came up with a personalized skin care plan.  Olivia is a genius.  In just four months my skin has done a complete turn around.  I actually have strangers telling me how great my skin looks (and believe me, that has NEVER happened before).  I’m so happy with the results I have to introduce you to her.  We here at Ivy Bridal Studio were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with her for a little Q & A session. Enjoy.

IVY:  If a bride calls you and says she wants to have “glowing” skin on her wedding day, what do you tell her?

OLIVIA:  First, let me just say how much I love working with brides.  It’s such a special time in their lives and they deserve to have glowing skin!  I will first ask the bride when her wedding date is.  Her wedding date is important in deciding what treatments she can and cannot do.  Then I would like for her to schedule a consultation with me.  My consultations are free and usually take 30 minutes to an hour depending on the bride and her concerns.  During this time we will discuss her current concerns and what is the best way to approach those concerns.  The bride will be given a specific plan for her wedding needs.  This will ensure that she is glowing the day of her wedding!

IVY:  What type of services do you offer?

OLIVIA:  I offer various types of chemical peels, deep pore cleansing facials, brow and lip waxing, as well as brow and lash tinting and dermaplaning.

IVY:  What are your most popular facial treatments for brides to be?

OLIVIA:  My most popular service for brides is dermaplaning followed by a light peel that is specific for their skin type.  Dermaplaning is a great way to remove all facial hair and dead skin cells.  After I have completed the dermaplane I will apply a light chemical peel that is specific to your needs.  This is a 30 minute procedure that leaves you skin silky soft and glowing with virtually no down time.

IVY:  How far in advance would you suggest a bride calls you prior to her wedding date to achieve the desired results?

OLIVIA:  It depends on the skin type and the results the bride is looking for.  If she is looking for a mild correction I would suggest 3 – 4 months prior to the wedding.  A bride’s skin that needs more correction will probably need 6 – 9 months before her wedding.

IVY:  Do you have any favorite products you like to suggest to supplement the procedures you do?

OLIVIA:  At Ohio Facial Plastics we carry Obagi and Skin Medica.  Both lines are medical grade and provide excellent skin care benefits.  But in order to see the best results we suggest combining the recommended skin care procedures along with our recommended skin care regimen.

My personal favorite product that is not related to skin care is Latisse.  Latisse is an eyelash growth product that is applied once daily for longer, thicker, darker lashes.  My brides love the way their eyes pop once they have seen the benefits of using Latisse.

**As a side note…the first time I met Olivia, I asked her if she had eyelash extensions.  Latisse might have to be my next purchase! 🙂

IVY:  Take us through, step by step, what we should be doing during our daily at home skin care routine.

OLIVIA:  Most of us have busy lives and don’t always spend enough time on our daily skin care regimen.  In order to maintain your skin’s health we have to make sure that we are taking the right steps to preserve it.  This means cleansing twice daily, applying an eye cream, some form of antioxidant, a moisturizer and a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher in the morning.  At night we need to be cleansing again and applying an eye cream (preferably a retinoid product) that is specific to your needs and follow with a moisturizer.  Everyone’s skin is different so everyone’s regimen will be a little different.  But these are basic ways to make sure you are taking care of your skin.

Ohio Facial Plastics also offers a range of other facial services with Dr Sumit Bapma, MD including botox, fillers, and many many more.  To see a list of these services or if you would like a free skin care consultation with Olivia, visit the Ohio Facial Plastics website or call them at 614-876-6673.



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