Feature Friday

Ivy Bridal Studio has been open for just under two years now, and in that time one thing has become blazingly clear: #IVYbrides are the best brides. EVER.  We know that, and we want to make sure everyone else to knows it too. So every Friday (beginning today) we will be featuring an IVY bride; some days we will interview a new IVY bride who just bought her dress, other days we will interview past IVY brides who can give advice to newly engaged brides on the entire planning process.

First up is the gorgeous and ever so sweet, Abby! She purchased her dress with us this past September and she ended up saying yes to the very first dress that she tried on! When you know, you know!


Here is a little more about Abby:

1. Where is you ceremony and reception taking place?

 Our ceremony and reception are taking place at the New Albany Links golf club in New Albany, Ohio on June 20,2015 (this date cannot come fast enough!!).
2. How did that handsome fiancé of yours propose? 

AJ and I went up to Lake Erie for the day to relax, enjoy the sun, and have a fun day together with no plans. Little did I know what was coming. I had made a road trip playlist for the ride up to Sandusky, and AJ was being very quiet the whole way up, and didn’t even notice when his favorite artist came on the radio! Well we finally made it to the lake and it was a perfect day! The sun was out, the beach was pretty empty, and we didn’t have a care in the world. About an hour later AJ’s friend Alex calls to say that his niece was sick in Cedar Point and he needed to go pick her up. Alex didn’t want to have to dock his boat while he went in the park so he asked if we could take the boat out for awhile. I was a little skeptical at first, not only because I didn’t think AJ knew how to drive a boat (which I later found out he didn’t), but also because I didn’t want to go to the water ( Miss. Priss). Well I decided to go with AJ for a little spin around the lake and it’s a good thing I did! We took the boat out and after awhile, AJ stops the boat in the middle of the lake so we can just enjoy the moment. He gets into the enclosed compartment in the boat where we are keeping our bag and puts something in his pocket. Being the nosey person that I am, I ask him why he is getting his phone out because it is just going to get wet. Then it happens. AJ gets down on one knee and asks me to spend forever with him. I was in SHOCK! All I could do was ask, “Are you serious?!” and “Is this real?!”. Of course I said yes, and then he pulled out a bottle of champagne for us to pop open! 

Well after grilling AJ for about 30 minutes on how he put this all together all by himself, we finally made it back to shore where we start calling our families to tell them the exciting news. We decided to enjoy the beach for a few more hours before heading to Mansfield and Columbus to see our families. Little did I know that the surprises for the day weren’t over. We arrived in Mansfield to a surprise engagement party with our friends and family! All I could think was, I can’t believe AJ let me walk into a party looking the way I did! After we enjoyed a group champagne toast, we had some time to clean up a bit and enjoy the night with our families. It was the most perfect day and the best day of my life…well, until June 2015!

3. Do you have your honeymoon destination chosen yet? If so, tell us more! 

We aren’t set on the honeymoon destination yet but we are thinking an all-inclusive resort on the beach. Probably Riviera Maya! Woo!

4. What are you most looking forward to about getting married? 

The thing I am looking forward to most about marrying AJ is starting our life together as one. I am fortune enough to be marrying the most amazing, hard-working, and of course,  handsome, man I know and I cannot wait to be by his side for the rest of my life. AJ and I are choosing not to live together until we get married, and we are both really looking forward to living together and just starting our life together, making memories and our own family traditions. I’m looking forward to our relationship becoming even stronger than  it already is by going through the ups and downs of life together.  I’m also really looking forward to our families becoming one. We both come from incredible families with parents who have shown us what a strong, happy, loving marriage looks like, and that is what I see in our relationship.  I am just so excited to share the rest of my life with my  best friend!
5. What did you love most about your experience with Ivy Bridal Studio?

I loved every aspect of my experience with Ivy Bridal! First off, Jackie was kind enough to open her store on a Sunday for me and my family which was really generous and very  helpful! From the moment we entered the store I knew it was going to be a great experience. The store is beautiful, as are all of the dresses and accessories that fill it. I loved that  fact that it wasn’t a huge store filled with rows and rows of dresses because that would have been very overwhelming! Ivy Bridal has a great selection of dresses to choose from,  and as you’re looking through the dresses you’ll find that each one is better than the next! Jackie let us look around the store to pick out dresses that we liked but she also gave  me recommendations of dresses to try on based on the type of dress I was looking for. Who knew the first dress that I tried on would be the dress. Jackie was so kind and so  patient throughout the whole process, but best of all she made it FUN! It was a great day spent with my family finding the perfect dress for our perfect day. I would highly recommend Ivy Bridal to all future brides and I am proud to be an Ivy Bride 🙂

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(Photography by: TwoMaries)