Feature Friday: Ashlee!

For this week’s Feature Friday, we are throwing it back to our very first #IVYbride ever!  Ashlee is actually a very dear friend of mine and I was so thrilled when I heard the news that she was engaged.  She had a very quick engagement…only about 5 months from proposal to wedding.  I thought she was absolutely nuts for planning a wedding that fast (and I let her know it!).  But in true Ashlee fashion, she got it done.  And everything went off without a hitch.

How did you meet your husband?
We were introduced in 2008 by a mutual friend.  That same friend played a very important role in our wedding… he became an ordained minister so he could marry us!
Where did you get married? Golf Club of Dublin
What was your favorite part about the planning process? Everything! Ha, but seriously between choosing a wedding dress, tasting the cake, and picking out flowers for the bouquets everything was so much fun.  Knowing that each choice I made in the planning process would get me one step closer to marrying my best friend was a great feeling.
What was your favorite (or most memorable) part about your wedding? The most memorable part of our wedding was the first look.  We had our photographer come to our home so we could do our first look in the backyard.  Seeing each other for the first time was such an emotional experience… one I will always remember.  One of the reasons we chose to get married at the Golf Club of Dublin was the vicinity to our house, we could see the clubhouse from our backyard. So, it was really cool to have our first look there and look over to the clubhouse and know in a few hours that is were we would be getting married.
Is there something that you stressed out over on your wedding day that turned out not being a big deal in retrospect?  I had an allergic reaction to an anti-biotic the week of my wedding… I broke out in hives literally all over my body.  I was so worried that I was going to be covered in hives for the wedding.  I was able to get a last minute appointment with my dermatologist.  She gave me a cortisone shot and prednisone which luckily cleared them up very quickly.
What is your biggest piece of advice for current and future Ivy brides? Make sure to plan some time for just the two of you. We had champagne and appetizers in a private room after the ceremony.  It was only about 15 minutes, but the time alone together was priceless.  Your wedding day can can hectic between mingling with guests and all the other activities of the day, you don’t want to forget to spend a little alone time with the person you just married.
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