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Have you ever walked into a store and immediately knew you weren’t going to have a good experience?  Yeah, us too.  And it’s not fun!  Sometimes it’s the pushy salespeople, sometimes you feel like you’ll get yelled at if you touch anything, and sometimes it’s just the overall vibe the store puts forth.  Well, we promise, that won’t happen here.  At IVY Bridal Studio, we want you to have fun!  We want you to touch our wedding gowns…go ahead…feel the texture of the dresses (none of our gowns are stored in those terrible plastic bags!).  Heck, pick them up if you want to.  We won’t yell at you.  In fact, we encourage it.

We like to think we take the stress out of the wedding dress shopping experience.  We do so by creating an atmosphere that is personal and completely private.  Each bride has the entire store to herself to try on our gowns, so you will always have the one on one attention that you deserve.

Upon your arrival, your stylist will guide you to our lounge area and ask you about your vision for your wedding. Whether it’s a backyard affair or a modern ballroom soiree, this will help us get a feel of your personal style and what exactly you’re looking for. You will then be able to browse our selection of designer gowns and pull those that “pop” out at you. Not sure of what you want? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you through the process and will make suggestions based on your style, ceremony location, and body type.

Whether you bring your mother, your future in-law, or your best friend, we realize that this experience is just as special for them as it is for you. While waiting for you to model your selected gowns, your guests will be comfortable on our plush couches and chairs. Purchase a gown with us we will all celebrate with a champagne toast!

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