5 tips for summer weddings

When you’re planning your dream wedding there might be a few details that can make your day, and your guests day, much better.

1. An extra boutonniere for your groom. Your grooms boutonniere on the wedding day is going to face some heat and hugs. If you want your groom to look fresh and put together all day long, order an extra bout that you can pull out in case of an emergency.


(photo by: Jose Villa)

2. Having an outdoor wedding in the summer? Make sure you have hand held fans for your guests. The summer heat can really start to wear on your guests who are all dressed up and possibly sitting in the sun. Some additional wind can really make all the difference.


(Paddle Fan by: He Saw Sparks)

3. Have non alcoholic drinks available. Its 90 degrees, your ceremony and cocktail hour are outside, and its hot. Sure, you have the bar open and your guests can grab some gin and tonics, but make sure you have some lemonade or cucumber water available for them to hydrate with.


(photo by: Fondly Forever Photography)

4. Cute umbrellas in case it rains. When you’re having your pictures done, make sure to have some cute umbrellas for you and your groom. The clear umbrellas are the best for pictures! Want to cutes it up even more? Throw on a pair of colorful Hunter’s to show off your playful side!



(photo by: Lauryn Byrdy Photography)

5. If you want amazing pictures, don’t schedule them to happen at high noon in an open field. Hiring a true professional, they will know how to work with this. But, if you can shoot closer to sunset, MAKE IT HAPPEN! The lighting is amazing and will just GLOW in your pictures!


(photo by: Style and Story Creative)



(photo by: Henry Photography)